Monday, April 20, 2015

Cover & Series Reveal - Spring 2016 Release

The entire Clairsentient Trilogy is set for release Spring 2016.

Imagine being able to sniff out lies or intense emotions, and scent ghost, demons, and other paranormal beings. When Fiona's nose knows, there's no doubt that the aroma of the otherworldly fills the air.

Sixteen-year-old Fiona Delacroix possesses the rare gift of clairscent or psychic smell and is part of team of teen psychic investigators featured on the Haunting Reality TV show.

The psychically talented cast also includes Bronwyn Langley, the telepath; clairvoyant Jess Thorpe; medium Rebel Cade who sees auras and spirits; the Striker brothers who have clairaudience and psychometry talents (Max hears otherwordly sounds, and Samuel picks up impressions by touch); the once-famous psychic Graham Worthington as host; and his mysterious co-host Vivian Xaviermonte.

On the set, and off, haunting adventures take the teenage psychically gifted teens into the scary, dangerous world of ghosts, evil spirits, and demons, while forcing the teens to face those around them--including their own families--who want to manipulate them and use their psychic powers and fame to satisfy their own greed and lust for power.

The Haunting Reality Series is about teens that are part of a paranormal investigation TV reality show and their haunting adventures. (Each book is a standalone novel, features a different Haunting Reality episode, and may be read in any order.)