Sunday, November 8, 2015

Overton Manor Poltergeist - Excerpt


Overton Manor Poltergeist
Clairsentient vs Poltergeist
Copyright 2015

"For as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to smell out-of-the-ordinary things. Imagine being able to sniff out lies, scent intense emotions, and smell ghosts, demons, and other paranormal entities… This ability is called clairscent or clear smelling. Because of this paranormal skill, I am considered a clairsentient, and the sense of psychic smell is the most rare of clairsentient supernatural talents.”
“Lucky me,” said Fiona Delacroix after a pause. She lifted on shoulder in a rolling shrug and shot a sheepish smile in the direction of the dot of red blinking light out in front.
“Here in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, our team will be investigating paranormal activity at Overton Manor. I’m Fiona Delacroix, I’m sixteen, and I want to welcome you to Haunting Reality’s Clairsentient versus Poltergeist episode.”   
From behind the camera, the rest of the team applauded.
Cheeks flushed warm and heart fluttering like sparrow wings under her chest, Fiona dropped her head. Thank goodness that was so over with. The intros for the feature shows were the hardest for her. Except for the episodes showcasing her abilities, for the most part, she was able to just be herself and use her talent, while ignoring the cameras.
From the brick-fronted, two-story Overton Manor, the backdrop of the scene they’d just shot, a so-not-natural foul scent wafted.
“Hey, gang, there’s a bad smell,” she aimed a thumb over her shoulder, “oozing out of the manor.” Sniffing, she tried to describe the odor as close to normal smells as she could. “It’s like burnt popcorn with a hint of boiled cabbage smell underneath.” Nostrils flaring, Fiona wrinkled her nose. “From the smell of it, what’s inside is going to stir up a real stink.”
“Now, that,” the show’s host and producer clapped his hands in loud slaps, “is the money shot I was anticipating.”
Ducking her head again, Fiona glanced over her shoulder at the looming structure and gulped against the phantom smell clogging her nose and the fist-sized wad of dread stuffing her throat. Head lowered and long, purple-tipped hair curtaining her face, she hurried to join the group and braced against the menacing sense of foreboding snail-crawling down her spine.          

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cover & Series Reveal - Spring 2016 Release

The entire Clairsentient Trilogy is set for release Spring 2016.

Imagine being able to sniff out lies or intense emotions, and scent ghost, demons, and other paranormal beings. When Fiona's nose knows, there's no doubt that the aroma of the otherworldly fills the air.

Sixteen-year-old Fiona Delacroix possesses the rare gift of clairscent or psychic smell and is part of team of teen psychic investigators featured on the Haunting Reality TV show.

The psychically talented cast also includes Bronwyn Langley, the telepath; clairvoyant Jess Thorpe; medium Rebel Cade who sees auras and spirits; the Striker brothers who have clairaudience and psychometry talents (Max hears otherwordly sounds, and Samuel picks up impressions by touch); the once-famous psychic Graham Worthington as host; and his mysterious co-host Vivian Xaviermonte.

On the set, and off, haunting adventures take the teenage psychically gifted teens into the scary, dangerous world of ghosts, evil spirits, and demons, while forcing the teens to face those around them--including their own families--who want to manipulate them and use their psychic powers and fame to satisfy their own greed and lust for power.

The Haunting Reality Series is about teens that are part of a paranormal investigation TV reality show and their haunting adventures. (Each book is a standalone novel, features a different Haunting Reality episode, and may be read in any order.)

Friday, January 23, 2015

What if you could control the wind?

Can you imagine, as a five-year-old, your favorite playmate is the wind? Wiggle your fingers, and the wind swoops and brings back your grandfather's fishing hat. A twist of your wrist twirls the breeze, and loops of your fingers make the gusts spin, spin, spin.

Darcie Lynn Carpenter has always enjoyed her breezy playmate, and is ever so happy, happy to move her hands and fingers to play along.

Her idyllic life in the East Tennessee mountain is ripped apart as if by a whirly-wind when she is taken away from her grandparents and is kept prisoner inside a secret place inside a mountain.

Forced to hone her power, she is made to hurt the things and those around her.

If I were the wind, I'd want to blow dandelion seeds about to carry them and their wishes... If they land and the dandelions grow, would that mean the wishes were granted or that more wishes were ready for the making?

But, what if, as the wind played, the play no longer was fun, and the wind twisted big and wide, roaring loud, until all the houses and barns before it crumble and crunch like cracker crumbs?

So may possibilities and directions... If I could control the wind.

What if you could control the wind?