Friday, January 23, 2015

What if you could control the wind?

Can you imagine, as a five-year-old, your favorite playmate is the wind? Wiggle your fingers, and the wind swoops and brings back your grandfather's fishing hat. A twist of your wrist twirls the breeze, and loops of your fingers make the gusts spin, spin, spin.

Darcie Lynn Carpenter has always enjoyed her breezy playmate, and is ever so happy, happy to move her hands and fingers to play along.

Her idyllic life in the East Tennessee mountain is ripped apart as if by a whirly-wind when she is taken away from her grandparents and is kept prisoner inside a secret place inside a mountain.

Forced to hone her power, she is made to hurt the things and those around her.

If I were the wind, I'd want to blow dandelion seeds about to carry them and their wishes... If they land and the dandelions grow, would that mean the wishes were granted or that more wishes were ready for the making?

But, what if, as the wind played, the play no longer was fun, and the wind twisted big and wide, roaring loud, until all the houses and barns before it crumble and crunch like cracker crumbs?

So may possibilities and directions... If I could control the wind.

What if you could control the wind?